Pass or Don't Pay Guarantee

Nervous about the exams? Don't worry! Each year, we help tens of thousands of aspiring real estate professionals pass their real estate exam on the first try.

Pass your real estate exam or you don't pay. Guaranteed.

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Money back guarantee

See how it works. After completing our prep program, we guarantee a first-time pass on your state exam. If not, send us your state’s failure notice and we’ll reimburse the original cost of either your full pre-licensing or exam prep package you purchased.

1. Purchase a qualifying package

Purchase a pre-license package that contains exam prep or purchase exam prep on its own.

2. Practice for the Exam

Within exam prep, complete at least three simulated exams with a passing grade of 80% or higher.

3. Take the state licensing exam

Sit for your exam within 30 days of completing our exam prep curriculum. The testing provider will notify you of your exam results.

4. Celebrate or get your money back!

Go to to request a cancellation and refund with a copy of your first-try exam results within 30 days of the failed exam attempt.